Donate a Horse

Thank you for your interest in donating your horse to our equine-assisted therapy programs. Being a therapeutic riding horse is a difficult job; not every horse is suitable for our program. A typical therapy horse gives two lessons a day and will most likely be serve four or five days a week. A therapy horse must be very quiet and patient with the riders and handlers. Because our riders have special needs, we must be very selective in choosing our horses.


Our horse donation process starts here!



Due to the physical and demanding nature of the work required of our therapy horses, we can only accept horses with the following attributes. Prior to filling out the form, please read the checklist carefully to make sure that your horse will fit our programs needs:

Please ensure your horse is:

Is not over the age of 17.

Physically sound, and does not have any major health related problems.

Sound at the walk, trot or canter.

Tolerates two people working on both sides simultaneously.

Is not in need of special shoeing.

Can tolerate loud noises and does not startle easily.

Can maintain his cool when startled by moving objects.

Does not require daily medications.

Is a comfortable mount with even gaits.

Can handle uneven weight on his back.

If a rider becomes unbalanced, my horse will stop and wait for the rider to regain control.

Does not have bad ground manners or vices.

Is comfortable with strangers and enjoys the company of humans.

Sociable and good with other horses.

Has sight in both eyes


If you feel that your horse is a good fit, please continue this process by filling out our horse donation form.

The first step in having your horse evaluated is to fill out the following horse donation form. After we review the form we will call or email you to discuss your horse as a candidate for our programs. If your horse looks like he/she would be a good fit for our organization, we will schedule an on-site evaluation. If your horse still looks like he/she would make a good therapy horse, we will bring him/her to Courage Reins for a 60-90 day trial period.

Take note, the application will take AT LEAST 30 minutes to complete.  Please be thorough. After your application has been reviewed, we will contact you. - Thank you

Horse Donation Application