Improving the lives of individuals with physical, mental, or emotional challenges through Equine-Assisted Therapy

Courage, Found

From physical and cognitive disabilities to victims of abuse, children from all over Utah find hope and a safe space at Courage Reins.

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To support our clients and the often crushing medical expenses they’re faced with, all of our services are offered at an extremely discounted rate. In order to make this gift possible, we rely on gifts from you. Help us help Utah’s kids through a financial sponsorship.

Our Programs

From horsing around to healing, great strides are made through our various equine-specific opportunities.

Self confidence soars when a child with disabilities is given control of a horse.

Don't let the name fool you. We're still talking to horses here. But instead of being used for riding, our horses act as  partners in healing.

What's the secret to a well-balanced, happy life? A horse, of course! It's amazing what time spent with these gentle giants can do.

Leave your worries at the gate. This is a safe space where children are respected by our horses and thrive in an environment they can control.

Meet the Team

We do everything possible to ensure our horses are happy, healthy, and thriving. After all, they’re the key to our success and healing at Courage Reins. It’s your sponsorship generosity that makes such care possible. Sponsor a horse today and help us help Utah’s kids.

Courage Club

For as little as $5, you can support a child with disabilities as part of our Courage Reins family.

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