Natural Horsemanship

With a focus on developing a relationship with the horse, Natural Horsemanship clients gain confidence, empathy, emotional connection, self-awareness and self-regulation. Along with beneficial lessons in trust, respect and clear boundaries, clients also develop physical coordination and motor skills and develop resilience.

Encourage Horseplay

Taking the therapist out of the therapeutic equation can often bring fabulous results. With a thorough understanding of our clients’ mental health needs, our highly trained horsemanship instructors help clients leave their problems at the gate and focus on working with a horse through natural horsemanship. We follow the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program, which measures growth and progress on the client’s ability to train and communicate with a horse. Our instructors help clients meet personal goals aimed at improving their horsemanship. It’s a fun experience, and the confidence gained and skills learned in the process lead to an increased quality of life.


NOTE: All clients at Courage Reins benefit from donor sponsorships. We want this to be a place of healing for all, and we do not discriminate based on ability to pay. As you can see from the full cost breakdown below, there is much to cover financially with every therapy session, but the total cost is not what we ask our clients to provide. Instead, we offer a lesser rate to keep this experience affordable and rely on donations from sponsors to make the difference. As a nonprofit, every contribution received helps with this cause. If, as a client, you find yourself in a position to pay for your sessions in full, please let us know so we can reallocate sponsorship funds and offer further support to families in need. Thank you.

Natural Horsemanship/Equine-Assisted Learning (Learning Activities – based on Parelli™ practices)


Alongside our trained instructors, clients experience tremendous benefits as they learn horsemanship.

Strengthened leadership skills

Improved self-awareness

Improved interpersonal abilities/connection

Gained confidence


Improved motor skills

Teamwork skills



A sense of accomplishment


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